Family Law

Family Law

MB Solicitors have experts in Family Law based in our Dublin 3 office. We understand that a breakdown of a family relationship is both an emotive and stressful situation. It is perhaps the most distressing event any person has to deal with. We provide practical advice and sensible solutions to help reduce the stress levels involved.



Divorce means that the marriage is dissolved. Once divorced you can remarry or enter a civil partnership.

Judicial Separation

A judicial Separation is a court order which means that the married couple no longer have to co-habit.

Separation Agreements

Essentially, a separation agreement is a binding contract between spouses and contains specific terms.

Civil Partnerships

Civil partnerships are partnerships which can be registered under the Civil Registration Act, 2004 on application by two persons of the same sex.


Maintenance is the financial support by way of periodic payments.


A guardian of a child in Ireland has a duty to maintain and properly care for the child and has rights to make decisions about the child’s religious and secular education, health requirements and general welfare.

Domestic Violence

Understanding your legal options re a Protection Order and/or a Safety Order.

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