Civil Partner’s right to inherit

Civil Partner’s Right To Inherit

What is a Civil Partner?

A Civil Partner is either two persons of the same sex who are:

  • Parties to a registered partnership which has not been dissolved or annulled or,
  • Parties to a legal relationship of a class that is the subject of an order made under section 5 which has not been subject to an order of nullity.

Requirements for a Civil Partnership

To enter a Civil Partnership you must;

  • be over 18
  • be of the same sex
  • unmarried or unregistered in a Civil Partnership.

What are the Civil Partners rights?

Civil partners have similar rights to that of a spouse. For example, a Civil Partner has a legal right share and also has the right to of election i.e. the right to either take a benefit under the terms of the will or the legal right share. The deceased’s personal representative must notify a Civil Partner of this right of election.

A Civil Partner may bring an application to set aside a transfer of property which was made by the deceased within 3 years prior to death for the purpose of disinheriting the Civil Partner.

A Surviving Civil Partner can require the deceased’s personal representative to appropriate the dwelling (family home) in satisfaction or towards satisfaction of his or her share.

Can a Civil Partner be disentitled to Inherit?

A Civil Partner may be disentitled to inherit where;

  • the Civil Partnership has been dissolved
  • the Civil Partnership has been annulled
  • the Civil Partner renounced their rights to inherit
  • unworthiness to succeed

This article is for information purposes only. Each case must be examined in accordance with the facts of that case.
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