Driving Without Reasonable Consideration

A person shall not drive a vehicle in a public place without reasonable consideration for other persons using the place.

However, there is no definition as to what constitutes reasonable consideration and this will be a matter for a Judge to decide.


  • The prosecution must prove that the driver was “unreasonable”. Therefore, it is a good defence to show that the action complained of was reasonable. This can be achieved through oral evidence in Court by the accused person themselves, an independent witness or some other independent evidence such CCTV or dash cam footage.
  • Mechanical Defect


  • €80 fixed charge fine if paid within 28 days
  • €120 if paid between the 28th day and the 56th day
  • 2 penalty points

What should you do if you receive a summons?

Contact MB Solicitors and we will be happy to advise you on the best way to handle your case, given the individual circumstances.