Dangerous Driving

A person shall not drive a vehicle in a public place in a manner (including speed) which, having regard to all the circumstances of the case (including the condition of the vehicle, the nature, condition and use of the place and the amount of traffic which then actually is or might reasonably be expected  then to be therein) is or is likely to be dangerous to the public.


  • Two-year mandatory disqualification in the case of a first offence
  • Summarily, fine up to a maximum of €5,000/ imprisonment of up to 6 months
  • On indictment (i.e. in death or serious bodily harm cases), the accused can be fined up to €20,000/imprisonment up to 10 years
  • Four year disqualification in the case of a second offence

See guides to similar offences including careless driving and driving without reasonable consideration.