Managing a residential investment property

Managing A Residential Investment Property

The Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB) was set up in 2004 and is responsible for registration of tenancies and resolution of disputes.

Registration of tenants

A landlord must register the tenancy within one month of the beginning of the tenancy. The registration can be completed on line for a fee of €90.00 increasing to €180.00 for late registration.


The PRTB is responsible for resolving disputes between landlords and tenants. If referring a dispute to the PRTB you need to be conscious of any time limits that apply. The fee for referring a complaint is €15.00 if referred online and €25 if you make a paper application. Common disputes include:

  • Deposit retention
  • Illegal eviction
  • Rent arrears

The PRTB operate a 2 stage dispute resolution system. The first stage is mediation/adjudication. The second stage is referral to the Tenancy Tribunal.

Rent Increases

The Residential Tenancies Act 2015 introduced a temporary restriction (until December 2019) on operating rent reviews more than once in every two year period with the notification period before a new rent can take effect being increased from 28 days to 90 days.


The 2015 Act contains a provision requiring landlords to lodge deposits with the Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB). Any interest earned on these deposits is to be retained by the RTB meet the cost of performance of its functions. This provision has not yet come into force.


Notice Periods – Termination of Tenancy by Landlord



Less than 6 months 28 days
6 months or more, but less than 1 year 35 days
1 year or more but less than 2 years 42 days
2 years or more but less than 3 years 56 days
3 years or more but less than 4 years 84 days
4 years or more but less than 5 years 112 days
5 years or more but less than 6 years 140 days
6 years or more but less than 7 years 168 days
7 years or more but less than 8 years 196 days
8 or more years 224 days

Rent Book Regulations

A landlord must provide a tenant with a rent book containing the following information;

  • The address of the property
  • Landlords name and address
  • Tenant’s name
  • The amount of rent and how it is to be paid
  • The amount of any rent paid in advance
  • The amount and purpose of a deposit and the conditions on which it is repayable
  • Date of the commencement of the tenancy
  • Particulars of the furnishings and appliances provided by the landlord for the exclusive use of the tenant

All fees referred to in this document are correct as of the 18 March 2016.

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