Recovery of debt below €15,000

Recovery of debt below €15,000

If you are seeking to recover debts below €15,000 legal proceedings are issued in the District Court


  1. Gather all invoices contracts relating to the debt as this will be used to evidence the debt.
  2. Issue a letter of demand for payment allowing 7 or 10 days for repayment.
  3. Wait 7 or 10 days
  4. Issue Claim notice, if the monies have not been repaid
  5. Allow 28 days for the debtor to enter an appearance
  6. Where debtor does not respond you complete an affidavit of debt which is then lodged with the court office.
  7. Obtain judgement from the Court.
  8. Enforce the Judgment

Where the debtor files an appearance the following steps arise

  • The debtor will enter a defence
  • The debtor will send a Notice for particulars requesting further information in relation to the claim
  • Your solicitor will reply to particulars
  • A hearing date is set by the District Court Office
  • Judge then hears the case on the hearing date.

Information which we require from you

  • Your name and address
  • Name and address of the debtor
  • Copy contract between you and the debtor (if any)
  • Copy invoices sent to debtor
  • Any response received from debtor in relation to the invoices raised (if any)
  • Details of any payment made on foot of the invoice
  • Amount of total debt due


Costs are usually awarded to the successful party.